Dear Almighty

As I slowly closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I saw you. Right now, I am in two minds whether or not was I in agony or anger or could possibly be in ecstasy either. But I can indubitably tell you that I saw you. I don’t know how you looked, I didn’t realize that. But, yeah, I saw you.

I went numb at a gallop, divesting of any kind of emotions, apart from my reverence for you. I think nobody was there except for us. I felt as if you put your hands over my head, might be to present me with some blessings or something like that, where I found extreme relief. Relief? From what? I questioned myself. Meh. I was happy though, with that feeling. It seemed like you were solacing me about how everything was going to be fine soon. But I guess it was already fine, wasn’t it? Well, I don’t remember anything.

Then there came a moment, when an air of dreary surrounded me, as I slowly opened my eyes. I searched for you everywhere around, but couldn’t find you. I don’t know where you went at a stroke. Was it my fault to open my eyes just to see you more clearly? If not, then, why did you go away? Now I regret opening my eyes. It was better seeing you fuzzy than not to see you at all. Now tell me, is there any place where I could have that feeling again? Or anyone who could make me feel that way? But I guess there is no one like you. Then tell me, where can I find you now? Because I really want to feel that again. You, your presence, everything, again.

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This reminds me of an experience I had that I was never able to put into words. Thank you. 🙂 “Better to see you fuzzy then not at all“ is so true. I would say from my experience “Better to catch a glimpse of your back than nothing at all”.

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