Line of Thought

As I mourn the loss of my own self, my heart cries. You feel me? Or am I the only one being so numb? So numb that I can’t even feel myself nor you. I have been hearing a lot about self love, self respect, self assurance, and what not? Do you hear them too? Can you tell me if they even exist or not? I even heard people calling them as our lifetime friends. But true friends never leave, right? May be they are sitting somewhere in the corner with a glimmer of hope that one day I will be able to recognize their value, welcome them, and never let them go again. If so, I hope not to let you down, my friends, as they say. But will you forgive me for being so late to welcome you in my life? I hope you are not in the fear of losing your entity. Tell me, you won’t leave me once I warmly welcome you in my life. Tell me, you will be my best friend for the rest of my life. Tell me, you have faith in me that I will always make you my first priority. Tell me everything I wanna hear from you. Will you?

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