Dreams amid a Raw Deal – A Poem

They had a will to know,
what was my aim, in which sector.
Without even thinking for a while,
I heard myself murmuring ‘A doctor’.

I didn’t know why ‘A doctor’,
when they desired to know.
For I was just a kid,
figuring out how to glow.

As I slowly started to grow,
my aim was still the same.
Since I had a will to go,
where I could have a fame.

But when the time came,
to achieve my goal.
I realized it wasn’t about a fame,
but a passion to heal their soul.

But how could I heal their soul,
by being a doctor?
Should I have to go somewhere else,
and choose another sector?

But then I realized I can’t heal their soul,
as they are the only one who could do so.
But I can surely heal their body,
if I go where I had always wanted to go.

It wasn’t that easy to pursue my dream,
as I was not the only one to dream so.
But I was blessed enough to take a step,
and be able to become a medico.

It’s still not easy to pursue my dream,
as it’s not only about being a medico.
Inasmuch as I have to work hard for it,
and have a sleepless night to attain so.

But when I open my eyes,
awakening from my dreams of healing them.
I get a heartrending news of,
how a doctor got beaten up with an awful claim.

I can’t imagine getting beaten up,
for not being able to save a person.
Who was brought up in a critical condition,
when things were getting worsen.

Without thinking about oneself,
they work for you day and night.
After being maltreated,
they ask themselves, ‘Is this right’?

Should we have to fight for ourselves,
or the government will give justice?
Why don’t the authority realize,
how biggest problem is this?

Should I still have to work hard for them,
who disdain those working for them?
Or should I rather work towards,
gathering courage to hear the claim?

But why to give up on my dreams,
because of their cruelty?
For I’m not a God,
but a normal person doing her duty.

You can’t stop me from dreaming,
to treat you better and heal you.
I have a zeal for altruism,
and a lot of dreams to pursue.

But how can someone work for you,
if you treat them this way.
Let’s spread love and kindness all over,
and give up inhumanity from today.

8 replies on “Dreams amid a Raw Deal – A Poem”

There are always two sides to the story. It’s true that doctors are like God and serve humanity, but some doctors cheat people also by prescribing for the disease that they don’t have, some take a commission for prescribing a particular or expensive medicine, some doctors involve in more heinous crimes like selling organs, etc. For such people, being a doctor is a way of making money not to serve humanity. For them, it is just a business, not a human service. Such things also happen.


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