Just Because I Was Born a Boy – A Poem

Walking with a bit of hope,
An air of sombre surrounding me.
And this stress that I cope,
Is making me a slouchy mope,
Oh darling, it’s all because of thee.

But I too have this lousy guilt,
Since I took your words as gospel.
All the confidence that I built,
Has suddenly dwindled to the hilt,
And I feel so down and dull.

You told me not to cry,
And laughed so hard with ridicule.
Just because I was born a boy,
You told me not to sob and sigh,
For boys have to be calm and cool.

But darling, I too feel so heavy here,
That I want to lean on a shoulder and cry.
But it seems like you do not care,
As you told me to hold back my tear,
Just because I was born a boy.

I remember when I was a child,
There were times when I could weep.
And I had nothing to hide,
A grinning face and spirit so wild,
And I had a peaceful sleep.

But darling, now I’m a grown up man,
And I can’t feel bleak and low.
I have to be responsible; I can’t run,
Ergo, I’m hiding my angst the best I can,
And I’m trying to let it go.

And if I ever fall in love,
I should go and talk to her first.
But darling, I’m so tired of
These empty dreams that I have,
And someday this heavy heart will burst.

But no one understands that,
I too am a human.
This road of woe I’m standing at,
Is making me more irate and mad,
For I too have an emotion.

I wanna live and laugh with joy,
Hold my head high and embrace life.
Just because I was born a boy,
Oh darling, I can’t sob and sigh,
And I’m full of inner strife.

You told me that you would be there,
Whenever I wanna whimper and cry.
That you would shower me with love and care,
But you forced me to stop my tear,
Just because I was born a boy.

Just a Reminder : We live in a society where crying is considered as a sign of weakness. Be it a man or a woman, you don’t have to hold back your tears, as it could clog your mind and make you feel so heavy inside. Cry your heart out. Believe it or not, every hurdles of your life makes you more stronger than ever. Take care of yourself and the people around you. This life is precious and so are you.

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