Ocean of Love

About the picture : A cross-stitch (dosuti design) of parrots made by my mom about 38 years ago.

Love. They say, it is the most powerful force in the entire universe. I don’t know if it is the love that we need or the right person who can make us realize how feeling loved really feels.

Have you ever felt this? The feeling of feeling loved. Does this really make sense? I hope it does. Well, that feeling is something else. Something inexplicable. Something so magical. What do you think of calling love as a magic?

Possibly, it is. If not so, why would we feel butterflies in our stomach, haziness around us and become so speechless and so feeble that we feel weakness in our knees, with just a thought of being loved?

Let’s make an ocean of love with every ounce of love that we carry for each other and laze around on the beach together. What do you think about that? Well, you can’t gainsay that it would really make you happy too, right?

(P.S. – I know this dosuti design is a bit old and even torn, but I really love this one from my mom’s collections. It really gives me some good love vibes that I can’t explain in words.)


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Thank you, Chris. And being from a landlocked country, even just thinking about the beach and the sea really gives some positive vibes to me. I wonder how would it feels to be there in reality. Hmm..I’ve got a lot of places to visit, haha. Thanks, you have a great day too.😊

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Me too. But I’ve not tried it yet.
I think it wants a little more time to know you, otherwise how could it be not possible to like a person like you? I’ve fallen in love with your poems, and would love to learn more about you in upcoming days! Take care.😊

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You’ve expressed it beautifully, inwyisitively I your questions and definitely in your descriptives of the feelings of love.
It is one of the most powerful forces, and since we are emotional beings we experience and express it deeply when we come across love.

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Your mother’s cross-stitch is a special treasure! Thank you for sharing it with us. And YES, I agree wholeheartedly that love is the most powerful force in the universe! God’s love is the sweetest, purest, truest kind, and can transform the darkest heart to something beautiful 🙂

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This passionate gem of love=love-on-love-in-love has a woman *&* man loving one another *&* having love for each other as they make love to fulfill the contours of love=love is my favorite subject matter of writing poetry!

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“I understand the depths of ‘the ocean of love’
for I have experienced with a woman
that is constant
love that is deep
love that was complete
from fulfillment-to-without reservation
comprising unconditional love that was unforgettable.”

_-Van Prince

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Guten Tag

Liebe ist ein Wort
wir meinten ihm
den Menschen
da draussen
umarmen und haben
zu können

jene Menschen
die sich in der Seele spiegeln
können uns
ein Leben lang
auch wenn sie
uns nicht zur
Verfügung stehen
uns das Leben lang
in unserem Herzen

Herzliche Grüße
Hans Gamma


Good day

Love is a word
we meant him
the people
out there
hug and have
to be able to

those people
which are reflected in the soul
can us
a life long
even if they
us not to
to be available
us for a lifetime
in our heart

Kind regards
Hans Gamma

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Stunning words! I do not believe I have ever been loved … never felt the butterflies in my stomach; perhaps I was not paying attention but I do know the cross-stitch is beautiful and your writing hit a soft spot in me. Thank you.

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“To Love *&* understand Love; Love must be upper most on your Mind;
innermost in you Heart; *&* deepermost in your Soul.”

_-Van Prince

Post Script_if time permits read my work published here>especially the ones on LOVE!

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You’ve liked more than one of my comments on Pragya’s blog.
Thanks so much !
Love … such a wonderful subject.
Thanks for writing about it so well.
Thanks and respect to you, aratibanstola 🌞

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You’ve liked more than one of my comments on Pragya’s blog.
Thanks so much !
Love … such a wonderful subject.
Thanks for writing about it so well.
Respect to you, aratibanstola 🌞

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You’ve liked more than one of my comments on Pragya’s blog.
Thanks so much !
Love … such a wonderful subject.
Thanks for writing about it so well.

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I can’t relate to this post tbh because my opinion on love is…well…(*My heart: Wait, don’t comment about things you don’t have an idea about) forget it. But i really appreciate the cross-stitch. With the arrival of new generation, this art is vanishing and i believe that it is very under-appreciated.

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Hey! No matter if we are right or wrong, we all can share our opinions.❤ We are different.. we experience different things and have different opinions about everything in life. Would love to know what’s your opinion on love.
And thank you. Truly, this art is vanishing…

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I know that my comment is annoying. And i make these annoying comments on purpose. I want to make sure that the peoples, with whom i converse, are tolerant. As a true well-wisher of my friends, i’m not afraid to tell them what they’re doing wrong and if they aren’t tolerant, they may get hurt which is never my intention. P.S. Unfortunately, i’ve never devoted a significant amount of time thinking what is love (which is largely due to my ignorance regarding the topic – no one is perfect after all) and as i’ve learned from my idols to not give opinions about things i don’t know about, i’ll rather refrain (Sorry). I’m already feeling guilty about the things i’ve written here so i think i should stop now. Thanks and Good Luck.

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That’s really true that we shouldn’t give our opinions about the things we don’t know about..but sharing our opinions (that we have an idea about) which we think is different from the other ones is really a different thing. I don’t think you’ve told anything that you should feel guilty about. Thank you and best wishes.

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I can’t tell if you know about the relationship between Bhishma Pitamah and Arjun (From Mahabharata) but that is for me the true example of love. I don’t consider these selfish relationships between a boy and a girl, as portrayed in cinema, to be love. Love is from heart to heart. It should expand as the time passes by but the relationship between couples generally contradicts this. Once the boy can’t fulfill her requirements or the girl loses her beauty, the relationship falls apart. These relationships have only mutual benefit as the basis. Their are exceptions but they need to be really lucky. Concluding this, my opinion is parochial in nature. I’ve never come across even a single girl or boy of my age (not a part of my family tree) in my entire life who seems to have a pure heart. Plus, all of them are completely deluded and dogmatic. Thus, i generally am hesitant to talk with anyone of my age (except the guys who are down-to-earth).

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The sensible word you seem to be looking for might be ‘hormones’???!
🙂 The strange thing is that you need to meet exactly the right person that will help you wake them up!
Treat them correctly, and they will never ever go back to sleep! A fact that one day might give you grief as well!

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प्यार एक अहसास होता हैं
जिसे हर इंसान अपने जीवन मे
कम से कम एक बार जरूर अनुभव
करता है।।

Love is a feeling
Whom every human in his life
Must have experienced at least once

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love makes you vulnerable, brings the best out of you. and that cross stitch has been made with so much love that it reflects it. I absolutely love both your words and the cross stitch art

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