A Lot More – A Poem

you asked me
if I was fine

but what would you’ve done
if I was not?

things going on inside my head
like a bat out of hell

which makes me sometimes
an unfeeling swine

but I chose to keep
my mouth shut

even though I had
a lot to tell

you think
you know me well

but there is so much
inside of me

a lot more I could never tell!

a lot more you could never see!

101 replies on “A Lot More – A Poem”

Hi Arati: I like the question you pose in your poem: What would you have done if I was not fine? Nice poem. Yes, we keep so much inside. Great drawing showing the two positions of the head with different expressions. Done this way makes it much more interesting than a two separate drawings. Have a great day.

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What a post, something we can all take from and see ourselves in. Some of it is quite grim, but much of it is as beautiful as a gorgeous sunrise. Thanks for writing and thanks for reading this.

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