Again! – A Poem

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***Please note that it’s not about my own life; I’ve only tried to show how health professionals here and in some other countries are being treated nowadays. And also I’m a medical student, not a doctor yet.

An old man
Lying in front of me;
One foot in the grave
As we could see.
Crying and begging
To save his life,
There they were‐
His son and wife!

A delicate situation
But couldn’t be unheeded.
To fulfill my duty,
I proceeded.
We tried and tried,
As much as we could!
A living body in an instant
Lying like a block of wood.

Suddenly, people started
Throwing stones at me;
Made me believe
How cruel this world can be!
These young hands and feet
Were getting tired;
The character inside me
Almost died!

I rued the day
I chose to be a doctor!
All of a sudden
I remembered my daughter:
Waiting for me
To breastfeed her;
But all I saw was
Haze and blur!

The byname of a murderer
Began to rain!
Head was bleeding,
And heart in so much pain.
All the hard works
Went in vain;
The same old incident
Repeated again!

My husband might have been
Waiting for me:
With a hug full of love,
Kisses and a cup of tea!
How he might have been
Watching news:
How a doctor
Got beaten up with shoes!


But this time,
His wife was the one to endure pain!

So many protests,
But still no gain!

Yes, the same old incident-
Repeated AGAIN!

P.S.- I don’t know how many of you could relate this poem or have seen/heard such incidents ever in your life. But this has become a serious issue in our country. Health professionals here are nowadays beaten up like criminals whereas criminals are roaming around freely like they haven’t done anything at all. Just a few weeks ago, a doctor got beaten up just because he requested people to maintain social distance and wear a mask. And this wasn’t the first time a health professional got injured. A few days ago, I heard in an interview where a doctor was telling how health professionals nowadays are using a diaper continuously for 8 hours while treating COVID-19 patients in an ICU without eating anything and drinking not even a single drop of water, and how they are using PPE continuously, while the other people aren’t even wearing a single mask (that too for saving themselves). Isn’t that heart-wrenching? And how can I forget the day when one of our professors told us how he completed MBBS and MD with a dream of treating a patient but at last got afraid of getting hit and chose to be a professor so that he could get some respect. I can never forget the pain and fear I saw in his eyes that day.

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It has been common to assault doctors since few years, Chris. And what’s more upsetting is seeing the fear in the eyes of doctors where there used to be dreams once. Quitting a dream job after many years of hard working due to fear of being the victim of violence is really frustrating.

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This poem is full of stanzas is a manifesto of life’s negative mistreatment of a human being that pushes a mother to the brink of despair right on down to the edge to help a man in trouble that others turn their eyes away from, but this mother reached out to protect and help an old man when she had a baby to breastfeed & other chores to do, but yet her human kindness to a man she didn’t know demonstrates how human beings suppose to help one another.

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I had just awaken late last night (early in the morning) and had nothing on my mind to write, but I turned on the computer *&* there it was, your rare poem *&* it inspired me and impromptu to try and mirror and reflect your priceless poem. Again thank you!

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Dear Arati, Every Dr and their family understand the pain. But why the attendants become irate and target the Dr, Hospital & staff is still un- understood. Being a Dr myself, I very well recognise the pain.
We pray God that people learn to direct their grief in proper way and learn to thank and respect the medical profession.
Your verses speak a lot.

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Thanks for putting it here and giving the words to this situation which is actually very common , they forget, doctors are humans too
beating them and throwing stones is just

you have written it so good

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I can relate as being medico myself, and how they behave in emergency is just , actually don’t find words what to say.
And this situation is getting worst day by day

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This is really a serious issue. Even if we’ve protested a lot, it’s sad to see that nothing has changed. It’s so frustrating to get a raw deal from the people you work for. Take care. ❤

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First of all very well written. I can relate to the poem, my mother died of cancer last month, with all this corona going on. I was able to be with her until she died at exactly 3. 44.56 seconds, kind of weird that number stuck. My guess is that she died earlier since she was already cold, I just couldn´t stay awake for 4 days all the time. But the doctors as humans did a great job at easing her pain, and as a matter of fact having been in the Spanish Legion and deployed I did have numerous encounters with doctors to treat me. My mothers doctors was a sweet guy, just a very nice person overall treating her cancer for years, she loved him, every time he could (since he was the head doctor with who knows how many other patients) he would drop by and seeing my mother laugh with him since he gave her confidence, just brought me joy. Doctors have save my own life in numerous occasions, they are humans so imperfect but I have encountered overall a great group of individuals doing that profession.

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Thank you so much.
Sad to know what you had to go through. I’m so sorry for your loss. ❤
Truly, some doctors are so good (as a human being) that we often forget what we are going through; it seems as if half of our illness has been cured just by being with them. I’m glad you found one of those kinds. And thank you for being so kind, not everyone understands the other person and their profession.

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I just feel so bad whenever people start throwing stones and hatred towards doctor. Okay, if the patient died due to carelessness it’s understandable, but if the doctor has tried their best still failed to save the patient then that’s not the behavior that doctors deserve. They always work to save our lives, we shouldn’t expect them to save every single one they touch! It’s not practical. But hamro deshko mancheyle kaile bujney khoi.

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That really is the sad reality, we should be thanking doctors for their efforts to protect and heal the public, all whilst putting their lives on the line. In my eyes, they are truly wonderful human beings and they deserve more recognition ✨✨

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This is extremely sad. Knowing that by trying to help people a doctor is seen as the villain. How ironic.
But it dawns the realisation on all of us that kindness in this world should be upheld with togetherness else it fades away completely and all we’ll be left with is chaos.
Bless you for sharing this 💚🙏

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Man’s inhumanity to man continues today. It saddens me greatly when hate and violence prevail. The very people to treat us and keep us healthy are attacked. Fight for truth and justice always. Prayers for you and your colleagues. Be well and safe. Thank you for the poem, photos and your blog post. “”__””

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I’m new here. What country is this? So sad.
Here in America some people are abusing all police officers because of the evil actions of a few. I think in both cases the victims have a unique glimpse into God’s perspective. He created us, loves us, and has given us everything we have, and so many people respond by hating Him.

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This is Nepal, but this kind of acts can be heard in some other countries as well.
Exactly. This is truly sad. People here are also doing so due to the same reason, as some patients lost their lives due to carelessness of some doctors and now every doctors are being victimized.

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How often good intentions are misunderstood.
Imagine Healthcare professionals at the frontline, risking themselves for others and people take such for granted.
That’s unfortunate.
It’s so good that you are speaking up and I’m sure that we will all realize our mistakes and be of good behavior subsequently.
An over reaction or exaggerated circumstances can lead to anything.
Let’s be cautious in both acting and reacting.
Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for this post, Rtistic.
If it wasn’t for the health workers and the proffesionals they assist, I would have died about 24 years ago.
People spoke of god (whichever god they believe in) and karma and destiny and angels and auras and protective spirits and reiki and all manner of other crap.
Whether I want to believe in any of this stuff or not … what I can say for certain is that it was the health workers and the processes they perform and the recovery experts and the loving support from my family and friends which are to thank for my survival.
Thanks and respect to you, Rtistic.
From you fan,


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So glad that you got recovered with the help of them. But you too deserve the greatest THANKS for yourself for conquering the toughest time of your life! And thank you so much for your kind words. Take care and stay safe.


Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie
Je pense que cette journée sera illuminée de soleil
Je viens te souhaiter une belle journée
Sous une mélodie chanter par les oiseaux

Journée de bonheur ou rien ne viendra te perturber
Cette journée sera de beauté
Bonsoir Amie AMI

Pour cette nuit
Je te souhaite une nuit de repos bien méritée
Remplit de rèves flatteurs
Des rèves que toi seule à le secret de bien gardé
Sache que certains reves peuvent devenir réalité
Que cette journée et soirée te soit des plus agréables
Bisous amicales Bernard

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I am appalled. I had no idea this happened anywhere. In Canada, where I live we grew up believing a doctor was next to God. I have much to learn. I am a senior and I know things change, but I doubt this happens in my country. where are you?
Know that I truly wish you well.
By the way, you write very well too.

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I’m appalled too, ma’am. We never used to hear such incidents before. But nowadays…..💔
I’m very well. I’ve written it not about my life; I’ve only tried to show how health professionals here in Nepal and in some other countries are being treated nowadays. I’m a medical student, and such kind of incidents have instilled fear in us. Thank you for your kind words.


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