GRATITUDE (9 in 1 blogging awards post)!

*Please note that this will be my last awards related post. As of today, I’ll continue to remain grateful for any nominations, however I’ll not be posting about it on my blog, as I’m not being able to focus on my writings. Thank you.*

Hey everyone! So these past few days have been so amazing to me. I never thought of being nominated for so many awards. I’m really grateful to each one of you who has considered me worthy of the award. Thank you very much.

Small Joy Tag

I recently got tagged in Small Joy Tag by Anjali; who is not only a fantastic writer, but also one of the kindest, friendliest and amazing friends/sisters anyone could ever ask for. She is absolutely amazing in writing what we as a individual as well as a society needs to know and understand. Her articles are mostly about her own life experiences, written beautifully in Nepali and translated eloquently in English. I absolutely love her and her blog. Do check her blog once, you won’t regret it:


1. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my loved ones healthy and happy everyday.
2. I feel very happy when I get to help or do good for others.
3. I’m a child around the people I love, and I do a lot of weird things to make them happy. Watching them smiling with my silly talks brings me joy.
4. Ever since I’ve joined the medical college, I’ve been appreciating my life little more everyday. Getting to know that there are a lot of diseases and abnormalities I’ve never heard before and finding myself healthy everyday is enough to be happy about.
5. I seek love from the people I love. If they show me their love towards me through their actions, I’ll just grab them and hug them, without telling them why.😂
6. Getting more than enough sleep is what makes me happy. Don’t ever try to disturb me when I’m sleeping.😉
7. I love, love, love makeup. I just love to have a lot of makeup stuffs, even if they don’t come in use, lol.
8. I love cleaning. A clean room lifts me up.
9. Earrings, earrings and more earrings.
10. I strongly believe in karma. Getting what I truly deserve gives me immense pleasure.
11. I love being around kids. Kids can really cheer me up.
12. When someone really understands me without having to open up at all.
13. Seeing people achieving their dreams.
14. I’m thin as a wafer, but food is something that makes me happy. And of course, chocolates too.
15. If you’re reading this, you’re also one of those lovely people who brings me joy. Thank you for reading my posts and appreciating my writings. You truly are my motivation. ❤

Outstanding Blogger Award

A week ago, I received a nomination for The Outstanding Blogger Award from Hannah. For those of you who don’t know her, not only is she a fantastic blogger, but also a very creative person. You can find some absolutely amazing artworks on her blog. She is so friendly, talented and inspiring. I love her blog as much as I love her. Do check her blog once, you won’t regret it:


1. What inspired you to write a blog?
I’ve always loved writing but I never thought of making them public. My blogging journey started about two months ago when a friend of mine urged me to write an article on World Menstrual Hygiene Day. And when my brother read my article that day, he immediately introduced me to WordPress. This is how it started.

2. State your favourite quote OR Is there a book that changed your life? If so, in what way?
“In a world full of people who couldn’t care less, be someone who couldn’t care more.”

3. What is your definition of success?
Success for me is inner peace, and I opine that it can be attained with satisfaction. If I don’t get satisfied for whatever I do or wherever I reach, I can never be happy and call myself ‘a successful person’ even when I achieve bigger things in my life. Success is like a running race and we are the runners who take part in this game, without knowing where we are supposed to reach in order to win. It’s a never ending game and I opine that it’s better not to take part in it. For me, success is not about how much money or fame I attain in my life but about how satisfied I’m with myself and my work. Satisfaction brings inner peace. And I always run after my vision in my head and work towards it rather than running after success, and that is never unsatisfactory to me.

4. What is your biggest fear?
Losing my loved ones.

5. What have you learned during this pandemic?
I’ve learned many things during this pandemic. But above all, I’ve learned not to take my life for granted.

6. If you won the lottery, what would you spend that money on? (Imagine that you have won millions).
I think I would get some idea of what to do after winning the lottery when I actually win it, as I’ve never thought about it.😅
But since I have to answer it; if I had won the lottery, I think I would have fulfilled the desires of my loved ones at first and then use the rest to help the needy ones or donate to the organisations/people who are starting some good initiatives for the betterment of society/country. I would also have not forgotten to save some for the future as I’ve always been a person who loves savings.

7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
It would always be Nepal, and it would always be Pokhara. I wanna explore so many places around the world, but wanna come back to my own country at last.❤

Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Thank you so much M. Zeeshan Horani for considering me worthy of The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award. For those of you who don’t know him, he is a fantastic writer and you can find some absolutely amazing articles on his blog. Do check his blog once, you won’t regret it:


1. Is blogging a profession or a hobby for you?
It’s a hobby for me.

2. How many friends have you made from blogging?
A lot. To be honest, I don’t get close too easily and have only 2-3 friends in my life as I love to have a small circle. But ever since I started blogging, I’ve become more extroverted and have met some amazing friends who are so inspiring. And I look forward to making more amazing friends in coming days.

3. What activities inspire you to feel like you’re living your life to the fullest?
To be around my loved ones and making them laugh.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself doing internship.

5. Do you ever regret any of your posts?
Not yet.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so much Introverted Thoughts for considering me worthy of the award. I went through your blog and I absolutely loved it.
If you’re also a book lover, this is one of the blogs you’re searching for. This blog is about the book reviews, where you can find the reviews on the Harry Potter series, this instant. Do check the blog once, you won’t regret it:

Also, thank you so much Grudging Fret
for the nomination. I’m extremely grateful to you for considering me worthy of the award. Please check out the blog once, you won’t regret it:

MY ANSWERS (Introverted Thoughts):

1. What advice would you give your 10 year old self?
Always be happy no matter what and rather than believing people who tell you that your dreams are too high, believe in yourself.

2. If you could go back in time, whom would you want to meet?
My best friend who is abroad now.

3. Which is your favourite book/series? Why?
The Alchemist.
In the novel, the young boy encounters with obstacles and hurdles with each passing day; each of which has a lesson to learn and each lesson teaches the young boy that he must always follow his heart, as it is the language of God. The moral we can get from this novel is to pursue our dreams by following what our heart desires no matter what. We will fail many times, but we should not give up in the process. This novel is one of my all time favourites.

4. What is the best advice someone has given you?
Not to let my failures destroy me and keep moving, keep dreaming and keep working on it.

5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you at school?
How would you describe yourself in five words?
Me and my friend had to get out of the classroom without any mistake, lol.

6. What annoys you the most?
Comparison, discrimination, dominance, lies and disloyalty.

7. Who or what is your biggest inspiration and why?
My biggest inspiration is to be a change I want to see in the world, to be a best version of myself, to keep challenging myself, to always make my people proud and last but not the least ‘my dreams’. I always work on myself to be a better person. My loved ones and my dreams as well as the challenges I would have to face and overcome while achieving them always inspire me to keep moving and working on myself.

8. Has blogging brought about any change in your lifestyle?
Yes, somewhat.

9. If you could be any animal for a day, which one would you choose? (fantasy or real) Why?
I would rather choose to be a bird; Eagle – fearless, tenacious, transcendent, powerful, proud, free, have a vision, and independent.

10. What productivity tips do you follow?
Make a routine. And I’ve come to understand that it’s better to make fewer decisions and break the task into smaller pieces, otherwise everything will be ruined.

11. Morning person or night owl?
Night owl.

MY ANSWERS (Grudging Fret):

1. What’s your timekiller?

2. Do you think that blogging alone can help you to share your thoughts?
Not alone, but can help a lot.

3. Are you a good listener?
My family and friends say that I am.

4. Who is your favourite author?
I’ve many. Paulo Coelho is one of them.

5. Write the things that you do when you are at the peak of extreme anger.
I wanna stay silent but always end up telling sth that I don’t wanna tell which might or might not hurt the other person, which is why I’m currently working on the breathing techniques.

6. Why should bloggers follow your blog?
Hmm..why do you follow me?😉

7. When did you realize your love for blogging?
Just a few weeks back. I’m really enjoying it.

8. How would you describe the pride of a human?
Pride can move us towards our goals, help us to know our worth and become better as well as can destroy us at the same time if sense of feeling good is over exaggerated; for even a medicine can be harmful if overdosed.

9. What’s your favourite food?
Daal bhaat power 24 hour.😂 But not really, I cannot live without having it, but also can’t have it a lot (if you know what I mean).
Hmm.. as I’ve already mentioned that I’m thin but food is sth that makes me happy, I’ve a lot of favourite foods; some of which are momo, sausage and pizza (with a lot of cheese).

10. Do you think that beauty matters?
A lot. But inner beauty, of course.

11. How can we assist the mentally disabled children?
At first, I think we should not see them as mentally disabled but as differently abled children. They should always be understood, encouraged, be known about their worth and stay involved in several activities. All we need to do is to spread love and kindness and encourage them as much as we can.

Leibster Award II, Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Mystery Blogger Award

I’m really grateful to Nawazish for nominating me for the three awards at the same time. Thank you so so so much. I absolutely love your blog. Not only you are a fantastic writer, but also a sweetest person. Please check out the blog once guys, you won’t regret it:


Leibster Award II:

1. Who is the first person you call for help?
Could be anyone from my family or it could be my best friend.

2. What motivated you for starting a blog?
Already mentioned.

3. Best memory with your friend.
Walking down the street.
And also bunking the extra Maths class for the first time to eat panipuri with one of my friends.😂

4. What does success mean to you?
Already mentioned.

5. Your biggest nightmare.
I don’t think that would be easy to share.❤

6. If you get invisible cloak, what would you do?
Hmm.. what about taking a world tour to see what’s happening around?🙃

7. Your favorite food.
Already mentioned.

8. What was the last thing you planned to do but lockdown happened?
I was preparing for my exams.

9. Biggest lesson of your life.
If something is meant to be, it will always find it’s way.

10. Your dream destination.
I have many; one of which is Niagara Falls.

11. Do you believe in superstitions? What’s the most common superstition in your culture?
I don’t believe in most of them, but I’ve to admit that some are really frightening and thus force me to believe it anyway, in some level.
The most common superstition in our culture is that menstruation causes women to be temporarily impure; which has also originated the practice of menstruation hut (chhaupadi), banning women from the house and making them to live in a cattle shed (mainly in the western region of the country).

Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Mystery Blogger Award:

1. Your favorite fictional character and why?
I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice and I’m really loving Elizabeth Bennet for her being independent, smart, imperfectly perfect and her inner strength.

2. A fictional character you hated as a child but as you grew, you understood his views and reason for his personality.
I have no such.

3. A place you want to go immediately after the pandemic ends.
Lakeside with my family.

4. How do you react to your failure?
I’ve never achieved anything without failing once. Thus, I see my failure as a part of success and an opportunity to grow. I can’t learn if I don’t fail. Failure definitely teaches us much more than a success does.

5. What brings contentment to you?
Appreciating what I have and where I’m; thus helping myself in achieving inner peace.

Great Achiever “महासिद्धी” Blogger Award

Thank you so much Kamal for nominating me for the Great Achiever “महासिद्धी” Blogger Award. For those of you who don’t know him, you can find some amazing articles and fantastic stories on his blog. Do check the blog once, you won’t regret it:


1. How can you be a good blogger as a member of WordPress Global Village?
I don’t know what makes a person ‘a good blogger’, but being my own self and supporting others is what makes me feel good about oneself. Everyone has their own way of writing, and we should always respect that. Supporting everyone despite the number of followers, appreciating their work, giving a genuine comment, and helping each other in ameliorating the mistakes as well as being able to make an impact through words is what I opine makes us not just a good blogger but also a good person.

2. Could you please define a word “PEACE” from your point of view?
Peace for me is something that brings contentment and freedom for oneself and harmony, forgiveness and the feeling of equality for others or vice versa. What brings peace is also brought with peace itself. Peace is a state of tranquillity and concord, one without which cannot bring it back to the surrounding. To bring peace within oneself, I opine that one should always at first learn to get satisfied with oneself, tend to forgive others, see everyone equal and never forget the qualities that made us human, different from the other beings, and use the qualities and potential in return to help them and shower love to them rather than hurting them instead.

3. How can we save a tree?
In order to save a tree, at first we need to be aware of the consequences of not saving it. We offend either due to not being aware of the consequences or not being afraid even after knowing the result. One should always remember that trees are absolutely vital to life on Earth, and brings harm to ourselves if not being cared about or saved, and one should also be punished for illegal logging. To save a tree : we need to plant trees wherever we can, conserve papers as much as we can, raise awareness in our community and love the plants.

4. Do you think human trafficking is still a crosscutting issues?
Yes, I do. Trafficking of human is not a isolated problem; it not only psychologically affects and traumatize the victims, but also undermines the safety and security of all nations it touches, thus making it’s impacts to go beyond the individual victims; also affecting the social development, and health of victims mentally as well as physically and also spreading the diseases among wider society (due to the risk of HIV/AIDS and other STDs).

5. What thing do you sacrifice to make a happy family environment?
I’ve always been a person to speak about the things that concern me. But if I find it to be disturbing, I stay silent to maintain a happy family environment.

6. Which animal do you like most? Why?
Dog – loyal, unconditional love, selfless, stress-buster and human’s best friend.

7. What do you think about the journalist or youtubers?
Some are way too good, and have built trust with the audience with their fairness, honesty, courage and objectivity. While most of them are even forgetting why they are what they are, and using the platform to spread more negativity and less positively. Asking nonsense questions, spreading fake news for TRPs, making not only celebrities but also the other people uncomfortable, and what not? But I don’t just blame them, we are also the ones who follow the false and bad news and give them too much importance while ignoring the true ones, thus motivating them towards spreading more negativity.

8. Does a movie-star play a vital role to aware most of the people around the world or just they present their performance to earn money?
Some might present their performance to earn money, but not all do the same. Movie stars have nowadays become one of the most highlighted people, whom we consider as the idiols and look up to. I too have some such from the movie industry, from whom I truly get motivated and wanna work like them in a good way and have some positive impacts around the world.

I would like to Nominate all the Bloggers who have followed me (for all awards) and the questions are the same ones I’ve answered above.


131 replies on “GRATITUDE (9 in 1 blogging awards post)!”

Congratulations for all the awards. I must say you did justice with it and i read all the answers and feel like we can spread positivity by writing blogs. The important thing is Peace and how you deal with your failures and if you are succeed then how do you take your success (actually feeling it or not). There are many such good things you’ve mentioned in your answers. Keep up the good work!

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