Not only my hands but also my heart is shaking while writing this. People doing such kind of inhumane acts really astounds me. Don’t their hands get wavered? Do they not fear God? This is EXTREME. Finding peace in harming others and breaking the rules is EXTREME.

Various parts of our country have been under strict lockdown due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. And yesterday, the so called religious people started pulling the Rato Machindranath Chariot, breaking the rules of government. For those of you who don’t know about Rato Machindranath Jatra, it is a chariot procession honoring the Buddhist deity of compassion Avalokiteśvara held in Lalitpur, Nepal.

A young traffic police got beaten up by a huge mob, while going on a bike to manage the vehicles.

They call themselves religious by doing so. Is there nothing greater than our religion, culture and tradition? Is humanity really on the verge of extinction?
Be a HUMAN first.

Whatever I’ve dreamed of, I’ve always put the people of our country at first. I’ve always wanted to make a change around the world. And I felt extreme pain and anger due to yesterday’s incident. To be honest, such incidents are happening almost everyday these days, sometimes to the health professionals and police officers (which gets highlighted) but often to the helpless citizens whose voices go unheard or unheeded. But they all are HUMANS first. Everyone has been treated so harshly, and no one has received justice yet. One human is doing harm to another human (and to animals as well).

People are being called sheep nowadays. But really, animals are far better than humans. There is NO COMPARISON between humans and other animals. But wait, can we call ourselves human if we don’t have humanity at all?

We never used to hear such news before, may be due to the lack of social medias or due to fear people never used to raise their voices. I was talking about the matter with one of my friends. I told her how sad I was with the news and I felt like I was dreaming big for the wrong people. I was really tired of hearing such incidents every day, and told her that I wanna get rid of these people and leave the country (in anger), to which she replied, “Wherever you go, it’s the same and you aren’t going to find peace anywhere.” And that really hit me hard. Where are we heading to?

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Thanks for sharing what is happening where you are. Today we have no reliable news sources to give us the truth. It seems that people everywhere are seeking in the wrong places. We need to stop looking to man for the answers. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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God the Creator is the One to cling to during this and the only One who can give internal and eternal peace and joy throughout anything. I am a doctor also and seeing God move through my patients has been exciting. I see Him closer than ever to those wanting peace in such an unpeaceful world. God is peace and joy and hope. Hang in there.❤

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Thank you for your insightful article. The same is happening in America. We still have peaceful protests, but a number of individuals and groups are violent and have attacked the police. In Los Angeles this week two officers were shot in the head while sitting in their car. In America it is legal for a citizen to own and carry a military assault rifle. That is insanity. One 17-year-old male shot three people last week, two of which died. He said he was protecting society from the protestors. He was carrying an assault rifle his mother gave him. He is being held on murder charges.
The peaceful protestors are reacting to a number of officers killing unarmed dark-skinned people using authoritarian tactics. Peaceful protesting is good.
The good news is that the majority of protestors are visibly acting in nonviolent ways. One young woman (protestor) was on TV standing in front of a group of men trying to break a storefront window. Many police officers are speaking out about the need for changes in their tactics. People with a variety of beliefs are coming together to act and speak for change and peace.
Principled people, like yourself, regardless of position, understand the value in embracing unifying principles, like peace, equality, justice, harmony, beauty, love and the sacredness of being human. These principles are greater than a religion, political position, or cultural traditions. Religions and societies were originally based on those principles, but have been manipulated by those in power to control our behavior, particularly the way societies treat women, the poor, and certain ethnic groups. America is no different. What would Buddha, Jesus, or Muhammad say about humanity if they were here now? What would they do?
Being principled or awakened we can feel the weight of the world. Others pick sides and embrace their anger. We feel the pain. We will heal. We each find our own way. I am not a protestor; some are and that’s fine. I have to remind myself that many people are being fed fear by politicians and corporations and are afraid because they are ignorant of principle.
This trend has happened before and good policies and practices can prevail, but that takes time. I think we are all realizing that peace requires us to act based on unifying principles regardless of our beliefs; religious, political, or cultural. As you said, we are all human. Isn’t that enough?
Writing is a great way to reach so many people, sharing our experience, strength, and hope, not always at the same time. Writing is an expression of our consciousness.
Our consciousness, your consciousness, lights the world. Being principle-centered we are like lights spread out all over the world. It is enough to shine. Even a single light can lead us out of the darkness.

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Inhumanity and violence has been rooted everywhere these days. Sad to hear that! I too when heard that American citizens can own a military assault rifle, I was appalled. Here in Nepal, it’s illegal.
I truly appreciate your kind words, sir. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Take care. 🙏💕

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We are being treated as sheep were treated before decisions to treat animals more humanely. However, returning fire with fire only begets more fire. Ghandi and Martin Luther King tried to teach us better. We must stand for our rights without harming others. That is vital. Right now the world is incurring more than just a disease which media has inflated the fear over. It is a disease, and like every disease known to man it will kill some people, but ask yourself: why has the world shut down over another one? Why are those in power restricting everything they choose in such strange ways? The masks help but do not eliminate, the distance helps but does not eliminate, closing things has horribly hurt in many ways and only delayed the virus spread, yet we continue to be restricted in many ways. And Allopathic medicine wants you to believe that it will get better when a vaccine is made, but Allopathic medicine makes money off of vaccines, and there is more and more proof that vaccines rarely do as promised and often hurt people worse than the disease it is intended to enable avoidance of. There is something horribly wrong going on, and we do need to stand up, but we need to do it in less injurious ways. Please remember what Ghandi’s and King’s teachings were. Know that there is something wrong and it does need fixed, but no one needs to hurt another to do that, on either side. Whether your job is as an officer or a laborman, we need to come together to fix this.

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The world seems to be becoming unhinged in many ways. But hope and love can get humanity through the hard times and a belief that this to shall pass. As we become stronger and try to understand the world, our compassion for our fellow man will bring us back into the light of day after the smoke clears.

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There are extremist and fanatics in all the religions. Recently the news here in the USA reported a pastor who defied the requirements about large groups and not wearing masks was admitted to the hospital for treatment of covid-19. Our president continues to hold rallies and people are not wearing masks or keeping physical distance. People just don’t seem to understand that their actions are going to continue having this virus be here longer and affect more people than it really should. Where has humanity lost the feelings for others.

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Exactly. The same thing happened here as well. The sad thing is he who was asking for people to come over to him for eradicating the virus, died himself due to virus, and spread the virus in large numbers. The negligence of a single person can spread the virus to thousands and thousands more. People aren’t paying attention to it.

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You’re right people are not paying attention and more people are getting sick from just one person. Recently there’s a news article here about a wedding in New Hampshire that has already killed seven people six of them in a nursing home. Those people did not attend the wedding but became sick from somebody who did. People just don’t understand the dangers that they put other people in when they’re not taking the precautions and doing the things they should be doing. They’re just being very selfish. There’s nothing that says wearing a mask or keeping to certain distancing and grouping guidelines prevent you from worshiping the religion that you are in. In fact if you were that good in your religion you would be thinking more of others instead of yourself. Or at least that’s how I feel.

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I don’t believe in or fear a gawd but I understand right from wrong. The fact that professed religious people disregarded safety of themselves and others is disappointing. But no more do than the religious hypocrites here. I’m sorry it’s happening there too.

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You are raising a fine point between right and wrong. We have the same problems here as well. I am a religious person and I hate what is going on the way one section of society think they are better than another part. The Police are to keep the peace but it seems they are part of the troubles. Just wanted to express my views Aratibanstola . God bless you !

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Thank you so much for following my blog, when i heard i raced over to your site, ok I had a pre-lunch sleep then an after dinner one, not realising that my lunchtime sleep lasted until the evening. I honestly was on my way to replying to you when, oh I don’t know I yawned, felt sleepy, passed by the dog’s very comfortable basket, tried it to see if it was still as comfortable as usual settled down into the soft wooliness and would you believe it, I fell asleep.

Such is the life of a cat I suppose. I liked your blog though it is very sad. What I hope is that mine will make you smile and though it won’t compensate for what horrible and frightening things are going on in the world it might make you forget about them for a minute or two which is what I try to write one everyday so that at the end of the year you’ll have smiled or laughed for around 4 hours or so, I’d like to see Pixar do that!

Do keep up the good work.


The Cat

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It saddens me to learn more every day the lunacy we (I) witness is not peculiar to the USofA. I wish I had answers to the problems. I hope there ARE answers. All I can do, all I can suggest, is we reach out one-on-one to others to petition for tolerance and working toward non-violent resolutions.

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Namaste. Thank you for signing up to follow my Blog. I look forward to interacting with you.
I am interested that you come from Nepal. Your written English is excellent – it must have been very hard to learn it so well. I have been moved by what you have written. I am so sorry to hear about the attacks on medical workers.
Take care.

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We have similar issues here (Canada), but we have to keep a healthy perspective noting that:
The people who are behaving like complete morons are newsworthy. Sadly the responsible citizens are not. We must therefore not focus on the relatively small percentage who are behaving like idiots. but remember that the greater proportion of the population are law abiding citizens.
Unless you can get a healthy perspective on the current state with COVID-19, then the idiots are going to takeover your thoughts and generally interfere with your life. They do not deserve such a privilege so don’t give it to them.
Stay safe … and thank you for being my latest Follower. 🙂


So refreshing to find those who understand that violence is the other pandemic disease ravaging our world. Nepal is on the opposite side of the world from Louisiana USA, but we face the same violent anarchists who hate the morals and values of the civilized world. Blessings and peace.✝️

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Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie, ami

Bonjour mon amie ami
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Je viens te souhaiter une belle journée
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Journée de bonheur ou rien ne viendra te perturber
Cette journée sera de beauté
Bonsoir Amie AMI

Pour cette nuit
Je te souhaite une nuit de repos bien méritée
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Sache que certains reves peuvent devenir réalité
Que cette journée et soirée te soit des plus agréables
Bisous amicales Bernard


Anyone who has watched election politics in the US can see the poison has circulated here as well. Sides are screaming at each other, crazies are getting violent. Democracy itself is under threat. Feeling very sad and helpless. 😦


I spent 24 years in law-enforcement. I watched the decline then. After 20 years of retirement, the decline has continued. We have a saying here, “The more people I meet, the more I love my dog”. I think the world has collectively gone nuts. Just a few of us, as seen here in your commenting followers, are about the only sane people left.

I’m not sure what it will take to bring us together, or if it is possible anymore. Our kids here, have been pampered. You will notice, it’s not adults out in the streets destroying and killing, but mostly under 25 years old. They are bored, spoiled and just want something to tear up.

I so enjoyed your post on this.


It’s not just in your country or mine, it is a world-wide phenomena right now. Man’s inhumanity to man! When it occurs in the name of religion, it is particularly troublesome! I think God is crying. We have lessons to be learned in all this. I’m sure God is saying “Enough is Enough!” along with us. What to do? Pray about it – and be the change we wish to see in the world. One person at a time. God bless you! May we stand strong in the midst of this turmoil and let God’s love shine through us.


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