Not only my hands but also my heart is shaking while writing this. People doing such kind of inhumane acts really astounds me. Don’t their hands get wavered? Do they not fear God? This is EXTREME. Finding peace in harming others and breaking the rules is EXTREME.

Various parts of our country have been under strict lockdown due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. And yesterday, the so called religious people started pulling the Rato Machindranath Chariot, breaking the rules of government. For those of you who don’t know about Rato Machindranath Jatra, it is a chariot procession honoring the Buddhist deity of compassion Avalokiteśvara held in Lalitpur, Nepal.

A young traffic police got beaten up by a huge mob, while going on a bike to manage the vehicles.

They call themselves religious by doing so. Is there nothing greater than our religion, culture and tradition? Is humanity really on the verge of extinction?
Be a HUMAN first.

Whatever I’ve dreamed of, I’ve always put the people of our country at first. I’ve always wanted to make a change around the world. And I felt extreme pain and anger due to yesterday’s incident. To be honest, such incidents are happening almost everyday these days, sometimes to the health professionals and police officers (which gets highlighted) but often to the helpless citizens whose voices go unheard or unheeded. But they all are HUMANS first. Everyone has been treated so harshly, and no one has received justice yet. One human is doing harm to another human (and to animals as well).

People are being called sheep nowadays. But really, animals are far better than humans. There is NO COMPARISON between humans and other animals. But wait, can we call ourselves human if we don’t have humanity at all?

We never used to hear such news before, may be due to the lack of social medias or due to fear people never used to raise their voices. I was talking about the matter with one of my friends. I told her how sad I was with the news and I felt like I was dreaming big for the wrong people. I was really tired of hearing such incidents every day, and told her that I wanna get rid of these people and leave the country (in anger), to which she replied, “Wherever you go, it’s the same and you aren’t going to find peace anywhere.” And that really hit me hard. Where are we heading to?

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Humanity does not seem to actually be a thing anymore but there are still many great people! I agree with your friend, things seem terrible everywhere but we cannot let that stop us from wanting and doing good. My heart believes there are more good people than the others even if we cannot see it right now. Stay true to your personal morals and values. I believe a grand change in a positive direction will arrive very soon: stay strong.

Wishing you Love, Peace and many Blessings as well as health and protection.

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Such a kind and wise words. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you saying that. I too keep telling myself the same whenever I feel like the world is too bad. But the thing is this world is much more beautiful than we can think of, only a few have made it hard to live peacefully for the rest.

Wishing you the same.💕🙏

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Thanks, for the follow, Arti. You write: “Is humanity really on the verge of extinction?” I think we’re a rotten lot, indeed. “Animals are far better than humans.” I echo that sentiment. That crowd? At a time of a pandemic. It’s insane.

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I had not heard of this clash and to be honest I don’t have enough knowledge of the context to fully comprehend the situation.

So if I understand correctly, there was a religious procession in a city in Nepal which should have been cancelled but people showed up anyway. Is that what happened? And then the police showed up and the people present fought back?

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Hey there! Thank you for the comment. The main thing is not about them pulling the chariot, but about the ongoing situation of our country. We are currently under lockdown. Our government has ordered us not to do any gatherings. If the cases of COVID-19 keeps on increasing like this, the country like ours won’t be able to handle the situation. The people who would have been saved will die just due to the lack of ventilators and many more reasons. During such time of crisis, not only did they break the rules of our government, but they also beat a traffic police badly who had been there to manage the vehicles. They didn’t do anything wrong by being religious, but the timing was absolutely wrong. We blame our government for not being able to control the situation, forgetting that we ourselves are the ones who aren’t cooperating with them. The other policemen had to go there to save the people from spreading the virus, risking their own lives. And they saved the traffic police too, otherwise people weren’t leaving him. It wasn’t the right time to continue our religion or tradition, but to save ourselves and the other people by staying at home. We will only be able to save our religion, if we are able to save ourselves and the world first. They forgot that ‘Humanity’ is our religion. I hope you are a bit more clear about the situation now. Take care.😊

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You are a doctor and with your compassion, you would be more than welcome in Great Britain. Your friend is wrong, not every country is in such a state as Nepal seems to be now.
Don’t live engulfed in stress, it is a soul-destroying killer. Come over and live a peaceful life.
Let me know if you do.

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Hey! I really appreciate your kind words. I’m a first year medical student, not a doctor yet.😊 My friend didn’t mean to say that every country is going through such kind of acts but inhumanity is what has been rooted everywhere these days. It’s not that Nepal isn’t a peaceful country. I don’t blame our country neither our people (people here are really very nice), but some are really violating peace these days and making it hard for the rest to live happily (which I think happens almost everywhere). What made me sad is we didn’t use to hear such incidents often before. Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words. I too wanna go abroad for the further studies and work in the future, but Nepal is my home and I wanna come back to my own home and work for our people. Thoughts of leaving a country was just a THOUGHT in anger. If every good individual decides to leave the country (for forever) due to evil minds of some, our home would be no less than a hell. I’ll surely inform you if I happened to come there at some point of my life. Take care.😊
-Love, Arati.

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As a first-year medical student, you are a doctor. You have been admitted into the fraternity (sorority ?) of doctors the world over. You still have to prove yourself, but then so does every doctor, graduated, licensed, in practice, or retired has to do every day of our lives. ( That is what professional means, btw) and you seem to be doing it with your compassionate posts.
And yes, this is difficult for doctors the world over. The docs on the front lines, treating this awful disease, and those of us behind the lines supporting our heroes, with money, attention, political activism, and yes, your posts, in which you express the frustration we all feel. I applaud you. Thank you, Dr. Bob (a retired psychiatrist.)

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I share your anger and pain Arati like most of us do. Let’s be clear, humans are animals but the difference is our brains are supposed to be used to analitically decipher right from wrong. Unfortunately, many don’t sadly. Animals are a gift and usually work things out and only use their teeth when threntened for survival. Media heightens bad news for sure and these are despicable inhuman acts. I’m not sure if they were happening all along and we didn’t hear a bout them as much, or if there are more because people have gotten so fed up? What I do know, is there are some deep injustices in our system that need to be rectified and it starts in our families, raising humans with love, justice and care of the soul. Thanks for sharing and my heart goes out to the people in Nepal! I agree with your friend… wherever you go, there you are and at this point ….. well, it’s everywhere you go. Take good care of you❣️

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That’s the main thing. The main reason why humans are supposed to be different from other animals is because of our ability to analytically decipher right from wrong, but many don’t do that, like you said. And the other animals, even not having such ability, still choose not to harm us or the other beings unless they feel harm/danger from us or for food (because that’s the nature our Creator has given to them).
Thank you for your kind words. You too take care of yourself.❤

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Exactly. And you know what we came to know after that incident? The police officers (18) who were on duty that day had already their swab taken before the incident have tested POSITIVE. You can see the crowd in the picture. 💔

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Hi Arati, thanks for coming over to my place.
What is happening in Nepal is due to us not caring enough for others. I’ve heard this message so often over the US media:
If you think you’re invincible to Covid, then wear a mask to protect others.
Whether it’s about wearing a mask or organizing a gathering in these times or going to places we shouldn’t be at, if we could just put others first, I believe we would make some very different and far wiser decisions.
I also agree with what another commenter mentioned – that no matter how upset we are, we shouldn’t give up on people, we should ‘stay in the game’, so to speak, and do whatever God wills us to. We can step away briefly to heal and recharge. But then we should get back into the ring – for our work for humanity is not done yet.

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There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. Most are living simple lives trying to survive. Sure there may be a few million people trying to create a hell on Earth, but the other 6 billion, 997 million are living quiet lives and trying to learn to love one another more perfectly. A person with a gun can create havoc in a stadium, but that individual does not represent all the people there. Believe in God. Believe in people. Believe in yourself. Never stop loving. The way of love always wins.

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Although we love to call ourselves peace loving creatures, we humans are inherently violent. People are same everywhere with slight differences in details. The moment we are able to see the “Truth” in our “False Assumptions”, hopefully something will change. Otherwise, however hard we may try, humanity is destined for doom:(

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History is littered with such incidents and worse. In some countries, assaults & killings motivated by religious hate are almost daily events. These things have been as much a part of ‘humanity’ as the more pleasant, kind and noble virtues.
I want ‘human’ to mean something better than what we see too, and I fight for better treatment of animals every day.
Like you and a number of your other readers, I must place my hope in the influence of my own behaviour and habits.
Your posts are making a difference, digital friend.
Your giant heart and beautiful messages are appreciated, remember that.

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I’m really glad that I joined the WordPress community and got an opportunity to be connected with some kind and inspiring people like you and my other blogger friends. Couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for your words. ❤️

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Religion without the empathy is just like the organization which only seeks it’s benefits.🙏When humanity is seen as weakness, when hatred and anger is on demand i wish i was in another realm. We can’t compare Homo sapiens with innocent creatures of nature true words indeed. Humans are the worst thing to happen on earth, yet made for best.

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Rear Arati, write in your blog only when you are calm, not when agitated as you mislead the readers. It takes several years to become a doctor so giving the impression that you are already one is not quite honest. Although you write in a noble way about your future, consider the question: where you consulted if you would like to be born in Nepal? If it was not your choice, you can change. Where in all this is Nepal’s government?
Regards, Joanna

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Dear Joanna, I can’t write when I’m agitated, this is why I wrote it the next day of the incident. I had only mentioned about my thoughts when I was in anger and what kind of talks I had with my friend. And you don’t know me personally nor do I. Blaming someone as dishonest is really a HUGE thing. I really didn’t know that I’ve ever mentioned myself as a doctor, I couldn’t find out where.. Can you tell me? I know the hard works and the time it takes to become a doctor. If I had to make such impression, I would have not told you the reality when you called me a doctor. I’ve written a poem about the current situation of health professionals in our country, and written it imagining myself as a married doctor with one child, whereas in reality neither I’m a doctor nor a married woman with a child. If this is why you thought I was a doctor, I’m sorry..I should have mentioned at the end of the poem that it wasn’t about my life..that I’m not a doctor. Everything we write doesn’t always mean to be written about our own lives. Isn’t it amazing that a form of art can make us anything? I’ve written a poem titled “Just Because I Was Born a Boy” does that mean I’m a boy? If you had read my other posts, you would have understood that I’m a medical student and not a doctor yet. I have clearly mentioned about it. Please search for the things and be confirm yourself before blaming anyone. And anybody can leave their place and move to anywhere. Just because we are born somewhere doesn’t mean we have to die there. It’s the matter of choices. You are absolutely right and I agree with you. What I meant to say is if we leave in search of a place where there is only humanity with no inhumane acts at all, I don’t think we can find any. Every person has their own opinion and we should respect that. I respect you for sharing your thoughts. And I’m really sorry that I misled you. I really didn’t mean to and I absolutely had no idea that someone was misunderstanding me as a doctor. ❤️

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Wherever there are people, there are varying opinions and it takes an understanding but strong leader to keep everyone together without any group getting aggrieved or aggressive.
Force hardly solves problems permanently.
Everything will be alright as long as there is provision for a common ground to negotiate.

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Dear Arati, thank you for your illuminating reply. I didn’t think of you as a dishonest person, only that your description of yourself was. I think that your poem wasn’t titled ‘If I was…’, and that is what made me think of you in these terms. There are huge cultural differences between countries, and whilst there is a criminal element everywhere, it is a matter of degree. In the future, I will only use ‘like’ instead of any comment. Of course, I didn’ meant to offend you, and my apologies if I did.

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I didn’t mean to offend you too, dear. I always try to write a poem imagining myself in such condition so that I could feel it, and be able to make my readers understand the emotion. I never thought that I could be mistaken as a doctor, nor did I mean to. And thanks to you that I got to know that because of you, and have written a note at the top of the poem that it’s not about my own life. Why are you saying that you will only be using ‘like’ in the future? Look, my friend, that’s really up to you to leave a comment or not. But if you’re saying so because of me, I’m really really sorry. Clarifying the thing was necessary; I really didn’t mean to offend you. Take care and stay safe. Love, always.

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I had similar reaction of people in the US, during the pandemic…I speak as if it is over. People were angry about wearing masks and following social distancing and other health recommendations. I said people were dying due to recklessness and don’t anyone care. After 6 months nothing much change (number of infections are just as high as before…though there are signs of improvements), so why not join the fun. And so we are reopened!

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We’ve all been scammed by a huge evil movement of turning people into savages. Stop watching the news …. it is nothing but lies and incentive to grow hatred and fear in your heart. Make a claim on your own life to live in love and peace and to act as the Divine Being you truly are. There is such evil on this earth right now and the only way to escape it is to stop focusing on it and creating your life according to your heart. The only way we all we survive this insanity is to stop feeding it. Love and light are the answers. And we all have to learn how to stand up for ourselves to proclaim we deserve to be treated with respect.

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We all need to go back to the kitchen board and eat real food and wash with just water..
We need to stop suppressing our human body with unnatural products tooth paste etc because this can make the difference to how we control one’s self or rage..
It’s not all the fault of the individual’s who cannot control themselves although actions speak louder than words the way we suppress the human body with unatural these individual’s didn’t ask to used unnatural..
There are struggling individual’s who have faith in governing bodies our wellbeing is in there hands when we use unnatural products we break the gut and the way food is supposed to be broken down is no more..
Then depending on the type of food we eat creates gut bowl malfunction in which create our fetus to be more toxic than ever before filled with unnatural gas..
In which simply creates an alcohol type effect within our human body to brain my friend.. 🙃🙏👌💙

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I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s so much cruelty in my country too and it astounds me that human beings can go so far with their meanness. It’s like they aren’t afraid of consequences anymore and that’s dangerous! Thank you for this post!

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Your concern is correct. Unfortunately it happens now everywhere. People have forgotten that they are human first. In India too, people are not taking precautions as being advised. Result is there for everyone to see.

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Well written post but I’m sure that’s not the reality in every single country….”Wherever you’ll go, you won’t find peace”….as it needs to come from within….not because riots have contaminated the whole world….

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Your first question, Is there fear of God? There is but not among the people ruled by their own desires. In fact, God is the only place to find peace in a world of chaos. Do you have a Bible? If so, check our Philippians 4: 4-9. And together let’s pray for the Prince of Peace to rule in our hearts.

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An interesting blog and following comments. My heart has been .deeply troubled by the rising violence all round the world particularly when folks trying to protect the vunerable during a health crisis have been abused and reviled; The sin nature of fallen humanity very much on show, Light and Darkness revealed in graphic detail. There is a need for acceptance of God’s Plan for all of us. May Divine love be allowed to rule/

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This post is very touching and full of compassion. I am a member of the Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia in the United States of America. And we often recite the name of Avalokiteśvara in some of our prayers.
Yes, we all should be a human first and do no harm!

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En effet : vous percevez les mauvaises vibrations de ce monde gouverné par des puissances financières, des lobbies, des politiciens avides, tout cela ne représente que 3 à 4 % de la populations mondiale.
Et na nature souffre de tous ces excès, abus, excentricités…
La météo est détraquée, les prévisions erronées la plupart du temps !

WordPress arrive à nous connecter.

J’aime l’ensemble de votre Blog, textes, médias…

Bravo à vous !

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