Sunshine – A Poem

Be my Sun,
Shining brightest
In my sky.
Give me light,
The warmth.
I will
Close my
When the light
Of your love
My eyes;
Feel the
When you
Touch me
With every part
Of you-
In the form of
Give me light,
The warmth.
Be my Sunshine,
Let me be yours.


250 replies on “Sunshine – A Poem”

Another bright definition of love so skillfully composed in a poem
*&* the poem exceeds an average love poem *&* this poem of love will no doubt mean different
values *&* different things to those who are in love, those who are searching for love *&* to those waiting on love to discover them!

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Beautiful! No wonder the Sun, our orange star , was ‘God’ in ageless , ancient eons past. That gorgeous flaming sphere in our sky is the only god I bow to.
Your fan,

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Thank you, Chris. I truly need sunglasses for getting my pictures clicked on a sunny day, otherwise I’ll discover some pose (as you can see). 😂 But I’m really glad I forgot to take it with me that day, which is why I found a perfect photo for my poem.😅

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