Couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you so much to each one of you.❤

Note:- I don’t know why but a lot of blogs are being unfollowed automatically. And I couldn’t know which blogs are being unfollowed; all I know is the number of blogs I had followed have declined. I’ve been following some blogs again and again, which are sometimes seen as being followed and sometimes show that I would have to follow it again. My apologies to you if anyone of you are being unfollowed by me. Some of my other friends are also having the same problem. I too am being followed again and again by the same person.
Does anyone know why is this happening? What I thought is may be I’ve been following more blogs nowadays, which is why I’m having problems.
-Love, Arati.

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wow, congratulations Ara.. well WP sometimes would have glitches and one of which is it automatically unfollows certain blogs.. looks like it has a finger of its own lol…sometimes too some of the blogs I follow don’t appear on my reader.

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Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s been exactly 4 months since I started blogging. Being a newbie myself, I don’t have much idea about it. But if I have to tell you from my own experience, what I felt is if your blog isn’t reaching to other bloggers itself, you need to reach out to them. I don’t use any social media to make my numbers grow; interacting with other bloggers and having patience have helped me a lot in achieving this. I hope it helps you too. Best wishes.♥️


Ya this has happened with me also. At a point there were like 20-30 unfollowing me. I thought may be a bug or something. And this is a big issue for me cause I don’t have a LOT of followers. So it really shows the people daily about how many people are unfollowed me.
Anyway congratulations 🎉 on your big milestone.


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