Couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you so much to each one of you.โค

Note:- I don’t know why but a lot of blogs are being unfollowed automatically. And I couldn’t know which blogs are being unfollowed; all I know is the number of blogs I had followed have declined. I’ve been following some blogs again and again, which are sometimes seen as being followed and sometimes show that I would have to follow it again. My apologies to you if anyone of you are being unfollowed by me. Some of my other friends are also having the same problem. I too am being followed again and again by the same person.
Does anyone know why is this happening? What I thought is may be I’ve been following more blogs nowadays, which is why I’m having problems.
-Love, Arati.

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I am still a newbie here but yes i also experienced the same thing sometimes. I have followed one blog but after a while it appears that I have not follower it so I have to click it again.

Congratulations! What a great achievement! More blessings to your blogging.๐Ÿ’•

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Congrats! I have also experienced similar problems. I contacted WP help one time because when I followed someone it didn’t register. They actually disabled a setting and had to enable it again. Said if you follow too many people in a short time makes you look like a spammer so they disable the follow button!

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Congrats. I have been finding that when I follow a blog link from my email that it will offer me option to follow. However I discovered if I click on the name of the blog which takes me to the home page it generally shows that I am following. The other way is I suddenly realize I have not seen someone in my inbox for awhile and check on them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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