Couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you so much to each one of you.❤

Note:- I don’t know why but a lot of blogs are being unfollowed automatically. And I couldn’t know which blogs are being unfollowed; all I know is the number of blogs I had followed have declined. I’ve been following some blogs again and again, which are sometimes seen as being followed and sometimes show that I would have to follow it again. My apologies to you if anyone of you are being unfollowed by me. Some of my other friends are also having the same problem. I too am being followed again and again by the same person.
Does anyone know why is this happening? What I thought is may be I’ve been following more blogs nowadays, which is why I’m having problems.
-Love, Arati.

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I have noticed that depending upon day, using my laptop, using my phone, etc. that I am told I am not following the blog, even though I am accessing it via the post that shows up in my email, so I have to follow it again?! I even asked WP about this. So I wonder if the number of our followers is even accurate or if the numbers reflect people having to click follow over and over. Also, there are many blogs I signed up for, enjoyed, and had set up for them to arrive in my inbox and they just quit showing up. I know some blogs are randomly written, like mine, but others I followed, I’d even unfollow, then sign up again and still they wouldn’t show up. Pretty strange.

Anyway….I appreciate you following my blog and introducing me to yours! And congratulations on all the followers!

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First of all Congratulation on 1000 follows. I also have experienced the following and then not following. The really bizarre thing is I click on a post of a blog that is in my reader and when I look it shows I could follow it. But if I am not following it why is it in my reader? I did report this to WP about a year ago and sent them details but the situation has remained the same.

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You might try checking out your Reader section when you log into WordPress. In the manage section you can scroll through the list of those sites you follow and see if the problem ones are marked correctly. Sometimes when I visit a site, while scrolling I’ll check for the “Following” app in the lower right corner. Occasionally I have to slightly scroll up and down to get it to appear correctly. (Just glitchy things in software, I think.) Have a wonderful day, Arati.

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I do that as well, when I don’t find posts of some blogs in my reader section for a long time which I mostly read.
What’s more strange is when I click on a post of a blog that is in my reader section, it shows that I could follow that blog. But how could it be in my reader section if I’m not following it? Really strange.
Thank you taking the time to leave a comment, ma’am. Take care.

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