The Moon or Star?

They say we should be the moon in someone’s life,
But I don’t want you to be the moon.
Moon keeps changing it’s shape,
But I don’t want you to change.
Why don’t you rather be a star?

Because as much as I know,
There are stains on the moon.
But have you ever heard about them in a star?
You are also spotless in my eyes.
Of course, I know, a star can’t gleam like the moon.
But I guess it is not like the moon which keeps on leaving the darkest sky alone multitudinously, is it?
I don’t need more brightness in my life.
I don’t need the moon.
But I do really need a star to be always there with me.
And why is it that there is only one moon but a lot of stars in the sky?
Isn’t it ample to have a single star?
For me, it is. Because why not?

So would you please like to be a star in my sky?
Or you just want to be the moon rather? But I don’t know if being a star is out and out fine too.
Because we don’t see them during the daylight even if they are always present there.
But I want to see you in the daylight too. But wait, the sun is also a star, right?
I guess stars have a lot of hidden aptitudes.
What do you think?
What do you want to be then?
The moon or star or?


P.S.- I had just finished my examinations a few days back and our routine for viva voce has not come yet, that is why I’m not being able to give time for blogging. I had some other poems too but I felt like reposting this one from one of my very first writings. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but it was one of my first attempts and I do hope that you enjoyed reading it.

I hope you all are doing well. Take care and stay safe. Love, Arati.

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