Only If I Could! – A Poem (Part – 1)

Drawn and edited by me.

This time I’ve chosen to write a poetry about a very sensitive and a serious issue, that is ‘RAPE’. I know it’s quite a long one, but I’ve written it with all my emotions, portraying myself as a clock hanging on the wall and narrating the story of a young girl in the room.

It’s the same old days:
The sun is shining brightly,
But the room is still so dark!
The room is still so dark,
As you drew the curtains,
As always!
As always, you don’t know
And don’t wanna know,
Whether it’s day or night!
But I know,
I do know that it’s noon;
And I’m wondering,
I’m wondering on the wall
Of your room,
Whether it’s dark because of
You dropping the room into darkness,
Or because of that man-
That old lousy man,
Who keeps on coming to this room-
This cold dark room!
But we both know,
We know that it’s not
As cold and dark as
His heart!
I can hear your heartbeat,
Louder than the
Tick tock sound of mine;
I can feel your breath,
Longer than the
Constant knock at the door;
I can see you shivering
And crying and
Cringing and being scared,
But you don’t see me!
It breaks my heart that
You see the time I show you,
But you don’t see me
Crying with you;
You hear my tick tock sound,
But you don’t hear me
Telling you not to open the door;
You keep on looking at me,
But you don’t look at me
Insisting you to take a step;
You just don’t see me!
And again,
Again you opened the door-
You opened the door,
And let him grab you
And your breasts,
You let him tear your clothes
And strip them off,
You let him take control over you
And your entire body,
You let him unzip his jeans
And push himself deep inside you,
You let him do everything
He has been doing since the day
He told you that he loves you.
He told you that he loves you,
Just like he has always
Been telling you;
He told you that he loves you,
Despite knowing that
You don’t love him back;
He told you that he loves you,
Despite being of your
Father’s age;
He told you that he loves you,
Despite having a wife and a son
At his home.
Yes, the same home
He had just come from!
I wish I could fall off the wall
And hit his head,
Before he pushes your head
Against the wall;
I wish I could show the time
Running out too fast,
When he watches me to
Ensure that your parents
Aren’t coming back from work;
I wish I could encourage you,
When you try to tell your parents
About everything their friend
Has been doing to you;
I wish I could stand up
And speak up for you;
But I feel so helpless,
Just like you!
But the difference is-
You choose to stay silent
Because of your fear,
And I have to stay silent
Because of my inability.
Only if I could speak up for you,
Oh darling, only if I could!



213 replies on “Only If I Could! – A Poem (Part – 1)”

I believe all I can say here is: I cried, I hugged myself, I told myself he can’t hurt me again. I promised myself I would protect that girl I once was. This is such an emotional piece. Would you mind if I share it?

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Arati, a well-written poem about a very distressing problem. The clock personified as an observer is very effective. Thank you for speaking out about this issue. ❤ I have known some people who have been through this.

One girl was ten years old at the time she was dragged into a coal bin and raped. She was still very traumatized when she told me about it at age fifteen.

A young male high school student was seduced by an older woman who had a baby by him.

One junior high girl had a baby by her stepfather. Her mother forgave the husband and they raised the baby as a family.

A pregnant thirteen-year-old girl from the mountains married the baby's twenty-nine-year-old father, a so-called shotgun wedding.

A young girl I knew was assaulted by a middleaged family member. She didn't tell her family about it until a few years later after her assailant had died.

A woman I knew told me how, as a young girl, she was sent out of town by her family to have her baby. The baby was then raised with her as her sister.

Just because this is a common problem doesn't mean it should be ignored. Pedophiles, notoriously, cannot be successfuly rehabilitated. It is a very difficult problem!

All the best! Cheryl

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A man so tiny entered the house,
housemates look down on him like a church mouse
Then they all started the race,
but in the sight of God, he found grace..
He choose Erica as a friend,
later humiliated him at the end
Thinking a sickle cell patient will die soon,
not knowing his star is brighter than the moon..
Vee became the prophetess in the house,
and stayed with the icon despite the abuse
Neigi became a close friend with Laycon,
when she saw a potential in him that made him Icon..
With all humiliation, Laycon never give up
he become a threat to everyone who looks up
Never look down on anyone because they had nothing,
but with the support of everyone brings him everything..
Nobody knows how water gets into the coconut,
all thanks to everyone including a blogger Mr Tunde Ednut…
His intelligence and rapping made him bigger,
and today he become BBN season five winner….
© PricelessPEN

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So much has been & heard but the things are still unchanged, don’t what could be done to change the perception of monstrous minds against such heinous crime that is degrading the level of humanity & serious shame for society.
Your work and poetic illustration is poignant, deep & pain for the same can be felt here in words. Let’s hope for better changed future.
Have a great week ahead!📝👌😇

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Very heart touching poem, I must say.
The rate at which women are getting raped is alarming. I can’t walk on the streets without being afraid. I can’t stay in a lonesome place. I can’t allow myself to be touched strangely. These things are supposed to be looked into. The painful part is that the perpetrators are out there living free, leaving their victims in everlasting pain. It’s disheartening and sad! I only pray that this issue is locked into.

There should be programs made to educate the young ones on things like this, so that in the future, they won’t be a menace to the society.

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Wowza! I’ve not read any narrative poem as tactile as this. Rape has been a ravaging wildfire in the world, and rapist, for me, don’t get the deserved punishment. This poetry shows how maniacal rapist are. It encapsulates how girls, ladies or even women easily fall victims of men with uncontrollable carnal desires. You really painted a nice story. I love it. Keep the ink flowing.😁

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The subject matter makes this a difficult and confronting read, particularly the way your personification of the clock seems to me to reflect the ‘disassociation’ effect that this kind of violence can produce. Addressing this subject is incredibly important, and you have done so with a combination of talent and courage. Well done indeed.

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The way you have written this poem speaks with so much more power than the words. The repetition of important lines is a literary success in the context of this important subject.

It is so important that we speak up about injustice, to others or ourselves. I have never been in a situation such as the one in this poem. But I pray those who are find the courage to speak up, and those they tell offer kindness and pragmatic action in return.

Thank you for sharing this poem. ♥

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Reblogged this on Mama Coffee Chat and commented:
I was so touched by this piece I just had to share it. It’s heart wrenching and sad in an all too familiar way. The tears fall freely each time I read this but for me it encouraged hope and healing and understanding that we are not alone. We don’t have to fight alone, we can hold each others hands for this long and difficult journey. Stay well my friends.

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This is such a nice poem Arati!! Not many people are strong enough to speak on this topic!!

Also,I wrote an article on this topic. If you don’t mind please try and check it out on my website… It is pinned to the top. Link:

Once again, amazing, poignant, strong and heartfelt poem!

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