Ignite the fire within you; not to burn them with your sparks, but to brighten up their lives.


The Apple of Our Eyes – A Poem

A big bright smile and a cheerful face,
Oh darling, you could light up a room,
And shine even in a cloud of gloom!
Charismatic and full of grace,
You are an angel I cannot replace.
Even in a bad mood,
You never failed to be there,
Pouring us your love and care!
Being our motivation, there you stood;
From loneliness to solitude.
And whenever my eyes meet yours,
That love and warmth my heart feels-
Have a power that could heal
Those pains hard to endure!
Darling, you are the one I love and adore.
A sister or a daughter,
Best friend or a wife!
Whatever the relationship with you in life,
You fill them with laughter;
And make the lives more brighter.
I wish you all the happiness,
A good health and many more!
For a beautiful soul that the world adores,
Sending a big hug and kisses,
And lots of love – pure and timeless.
Happy Birthday, dear sister!


Just Because I Was Born a Boy – A Poem

Walking with a bit of hope,
An air of sombre surrounding me.
And this stress that I cope,
Is making me a slouchy mope,
Oh darling, it’s all because of thee.


Dreams amid a Raw Deal – A Poem

They had a will to know,
what was my aim, in which sector.
Without even thinking for a while,
I heard myself murmuring ‘A doctor’.

I didn’t know why ‘A doctor’,
when they desired to know.
For I was just a kid,
figuring out how to glow.

As I slowly started to grow,
my aim was still the same.
Since I had a will to go,
where I could have a fame.


Line of Thought

As I mourn the loss of my own self, my heart cries. You feel me? Or am I the only one being so numb? So numb that I can’t even feel myself nor you. I have been hearing a lot about self love, self respect, self assurance, and what not? Do you hear them too? Can you tell me if they even exist or not? I even heard people calling them as our lifetime friends. But true friends never leave, right? May be they are sitting somewhere in the corner with a glimmer of hope that one day I will be able to recognize their value, welcome them, and never let them go again. If so, I hope not to let you down, my friends, as they say. But will you forgive me for being so late to welcome you in my life? I hope you are not in the fear of losing your entity. Tell me, you won’t leave me once I warmly welcome you in my life. Tell me, you will be my best friend for the rest of my life. Tell me, you have faith in me that I will always make you my first priority. Tell me everything I wanna hear from you. Will you?


The Moon or Star?

They say we should be the moon in someone’s life, but I don’t want you to be the moon. Moon keeps changing it’s shape, but I don’t want you to change. Why don’t you rather be a star?


Dear Almighty

As I slowly closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I saw you. Right now, I am in two minds whether or not was I in agony or anger or could possibly be in ecstasy either. But I can indubitably tell you that I saw you. I don’t know how you looked, I didn’t realize that. But, yeah, I saw you.


Cut You Loose

Already being informed about the menstruation & things to be done after I had my first period by my mom, a 13 y/o girl in me, alone at home, when found out blood emanating from her vadge, didn’t panic. I post-haste felt like I grew up, a strange feeling of pride & ecstasy got knotted in my heart. But hard on the heels of apprising my mom about it, everything got changed. I was told how God will shortly bestow me for being a girl, but I didn’t know that a bestowal means to live alone in a room, with new severe pain.