The Way I See You

You keep asking me
What do I see in you;
But all you get is a blank stare,
With a lot of hidden answers in my eyes.
A lot of hidden answers in my eyes,
And a lot more questions besides!
Some waiting to be seen,
Some longing to be answered,
Some pining to be heard,
Whereas the others?
They are just willing to be discovered.
Asking you whether it’s you
Who makes these eyes shine,
Or that prettiest smile on your face
Which keeps on losing its direction,
But never fails to find its way again.
Or is it because of the way you look at me,
And make my heart skip a beat?
The way you make my heart skip a beat,
And still be able to give me a life!
The life that I thought I was living,
Until I met you, and realized that
I was just surviving.
Or maybe it’s because of your fragrance
Which I can smell in this air,
Surrounding me like it own me!
So good, that I wish I could collect it,
And make it my own perfume.
Or is it because of the way
You make me wonder,
If you are prior to this air-
Giving me sourstuff for life?
For you are the one
Who gives it the meaning!
Or is it because of how magically
You work as a duvet?
The duvet wrapping around my mind.
For there is nothing other than
The thought of you!
So darling,
The next time you ask me
What do I see in you,
I would rather ask you to
Look into my eyes.
Because honey,
There’s a lot of hidden answers in my eyes,
And a lot more questions besides!
Questions, revolving around you,
But the answer is only you!
Or maybe the way I see you…



The Moon or Star?

They say we should be the moon in someone’s life,
But I don’t want you to be the moon.
Moon keeps changing it’s shape,
But I don’t want you to change.
Why don’t you rather be a star?


Only If I Could! – A Poem (Part – 1)

Drawn and edited by me.

This time I’ve chosen to write a poetry about a very sensitive and a serious issue, that is ‘RAPE’. I know it’s quite a long one, but I’ve written it with all my emotions, portraying myself as a clock hanging on the wall and narrating the story of a young girl in the room.


You and I – A Poem

You and I-
Under the sky,
Beneath the trees:
Holding the hands,
Unwilling to leave!
My heart is full,
Singing with the birds-
The sweet melodies!
My soul is filled
With a very clear,
Yet so strange emotion-
Dancing in the breeze!
Even the barren land
Has ceased to grieve;
The sky that was dull,
The thunder so loudly heard,
The rain, and those mournful cries
Have now widely grinned;
And pricked up the ears,
Willing to hear our unvoiced notion!
You and I…You and I…
Under the sky,
Looking at our spirit
Reflected in our eyes!
Embracing the love
That never dies!
You and I…You and I…


Picture from here. They are one of the most popular couples in the Nepali film industry.


Faith – A Poem

You are the light
That hit my sight,
Defeating the darkness
That made me blind.
Blind, to not be able to-
To see how much pain
I was giving to you;
By not having
The faith in you,
That there is a reason
For everything you do.



Couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you so much to each one of you.❤


Sunshine – A Poem

Be my Sun,
Shining brightest
In my sky.
Give me light,
The warmth.
I will
Close my
When the light
Of your love
My eyes;
Feel the
When you
Touch me
With every part
Of you-
In the form of
Give me light,
The warmth.
Be my Sunshine,
Let me be yours.




Not only my hands but also my heart is shaking while writing this. People doing such kind of inhumane acts really astounds me. Don’t their hands get wavered? Do they not fear God? This is EXTREME. Finding peace in harming others and breaking the rules is EXTREME.



The letter written below is for my mama (maternal uncle, the youngest brother of my mom) whom we lost recently due to alcoholic cirrhosis.


GRATITUDE (9 in 1 blogging awards post)!

*Please note that this will be my last awards related post. As of today, I’ll continue to remain grateful for any nominations, however I’ll not be posting about it on my blog, as I’m not being able to focus on my writings. Thank you.*