Not All Days Are the Same

The wind is blowing again, and so is the sun shining;
Not at all it’s going to be the same!
Some days are sun, while some might be the rain;
But not at all it’s going to be the same!
For every cloud has a silver lining..
For every cloud has a silver lining!!



You and I – A Poem

You and I-
Under the sky,
Beneath the trees:
Holding the hands,
Unwilling to leave!
My heart is full,
Singing with the birds-
The sweet melodies!
My soul is filled
With a very clear,
Yet so strange emotion-
Dancing in the breeze!
Even the barren land
Has ceased to grieve;
The sky that was dull,
The thunder so loudly heard,
The rain, and those mournful cries
Have now widely grinned;
And pricked up the ears,
Willing to hear our unvoiced notion!
You and I…You and I…
Under the sky,
Looking at our spirit
Reflected in our eyes!
Embracing the love
That never dies!
You and I…You and I…


Picture from here.


When I See You – A Poem


I wanna see the world with you;
But when I see you, I see the world in you!
Broken, shattered, crushed, betrayed;
But still it’s my world, and it’s beautiful!
It’s beautiful not because of the eyes that I’m looking into,
Nor is it because of the way I’m looking at it;
But still it’s beautiful. And it’s my world.
My world that I love to spend my life on,
My world that I love to give my life for, too.
Because it’s beautiful. And it’s my world.

When I see you, I remember the last slice of pizza that I ate last week.
The one that I loved the most;
The one that I found hard to swallow as well!
Not because it wasn’t yummy,
But because I didn’t want to finish it.
I don’t remember how it tasted like,
But I will never forget how it set it’s seal on my taste buds.

When I see you, the air around me seems to stand still.
But it’s not just about the air!
Everytime I see you, my heart stops and I become speechless.
But I know, I know that
This heart will love you till my last breath.
But you are my last breath, right?

When I see you, I wanna write poetry about love.
Because you are like those poems I would never stop writing about;
Nor will I ever get tired of it!

Anyway, did I tell you I wanna see the world with you?
But when I see you, I see the world in you!
Maybe because my world revolves around you,
Or is it because you are my world?
Anyway, when I see you, I see the world in you!
And that’s true.
Because I love you.
And will always do.


Sunshine – A Poem

Be my Sun,
Shining brightest
In my sky.
Give me light,
The warmth.
I will
Close my
When the light
Of your love
My eyes;
Feel the
When you
Touch me
With every part
Of you-
In the form of
Give me light,
The warmth.
Be my Sunshine,
Let me be yours.




When the criticism is loud, make sure the appreciation is also louder enough.

Have a great day, y’all! 🙌


Only If I Could! – A Poem (Part – 1)

Drawn and edited by me.

This time I’ve chosen to write a poetry about a very sensitive and a serious issue, that is ‘RAPE’. I know it’s quite a long one, but I’ve written it with all my emotions, portraying myself as a clock hanging on the wall and narrating the story of a young girl in the room.



The day when I wasn’t happy, but I made it my day anyway:)

To all of you reading this!

May you not only smile, but also be happy from within. May you not only dream, but also be able to achieve them. May you not only survive long but also live and thrive throughtout your journey. May you be happy, healthy, and peaceful from within. Your day will come. Amen.


Faith – A Poem

You are the light
That hit my sight,
Defeating the darkness
That made me blind.
Blind, to not be able to-
To see how much pain
I was giving to you;
By not having
The faith in you,
That there is a reason
For everything you do.


One More Minute

To keep struggling
day and night,
Having everyone around
yet not feeling right!
Thankful to have this life,
but why do my chest feels so tight?
Even a handful of breath
feels too much;
No, I have no reason
or anything such!
Having no issue
nor holding a grudge;
No, I have no reason
or anything such!
I wanna let out
plaintive cry,
But why do my eyes
feel so dry?
No I don’t feel good,
nor do the sky;
Yeah, my eyes
feel so dry.
Oh Lord, I wanna forget
everything for a moment;
The good, the bad,
including every comment!
Let me please gather myself
and my every fragment;
Give me a minute,
Dear Lord,
One more minute!



Other Than You

I was waiting for you, as always.
In the night- Cold and bitter!
Tears were rolling
Down my cheeks;
I was hurt, and in pain.
Nobody could understand it,
Other than you!
And then you came, as always.
Wiped away all my tears,
And gave me a hug:
Warm and full of love!
They call it as a Dew;
But my dear Sun,
Nobody could understand it,
Other than you…